Sunday, December 26, 2010

Dance December: Video of the Day for December 26

Dancing Robots.  I had two dancing robot videos that I was choosing between:  this one right here and this other one.  But the choice turned out to be easy:  since one of the videos was almost nine minutes, and you guys are incredibly impatient, I chose the shorter one.

How do I know you guys are incredibly impatient?  Well, I get pageviews on my Dance December entries, but nobody ever clicks the Like button!  The videos I've been posting for Dance December have been really awesome, so if you guys were actually watching the videos, you'd be clicking the Like button.  But instead, this is what's happening:

New blog entry—Dance December: Video of the Day for December 9 PM Dec 13th via HootSuite

You click the link.  But then your heart sinks.  "Two minutes and thirty two seconds!" you say.  "That's soooooooooo loooooooooong!"

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