Sunday, November 4, 2012

All Queries are Questions, All Questions Have Answers, All Mentions are Answers, All People are Experts, Friends are Not People (Pretty Sure I Heard That on Bing)

I decided to look and see what that sidebar on Bing is all about.  I pressed the button to expand it, and…

Bing Friends Who Know and People Who Know Sidebar

"Friends who might know," Bing suggested.  "People who know," Bing declared.

I must have asked a question, and I must be looking for an answer, and it must be a fact-based question that people either know or don't know, except if I'm friends with them, in which case they only "might" know, Bing implied.  And if these people just so much as mention what I'm searching for, they're suddenly question answerers answering all kinds of questions that they don't even know people are asking.

Search isn't even always about answering questions.  People also use search to just learn about a topic, and sometimes even stumbling on something you weren't looking for is nice.  I think it's good to keep this in mind in discussions about what search is.