Saturday, December 22, 2012

On Sharing More, Google+ Communities, Facebook Settings, Jony Ive, Rap Genius Annotating the Web, and Finnish Law

Here's some of the stuff I've been posting on Google+ in the last few months.  The first three links are to fairly in-depth posts that I wrote.

Note:  all Google+ posts are visible to everyone; a Google+ account is not needed.

On sharing more:  In which I argue that we, as a society, need to be sharing more.  And when I say "sharing," I mean sharing on social networks, and I should specify, as I did not do in the post, that when I say "social networks," I mean open channels of open social networks.  I'm glad that traditional messaging technologies aren't dead, but I would like to see more activity in the open.  And why is that, you ask?  I try to explain this in the post.  Read it, and you'll see (whether I've done even an adequate job of explaining, and if I haven't, this certainly won't be the last time I talk about the importance of sharing more and why I think it's so important).  WARNING:  I was in a predicting mood the day I wrote that, so I made some pretty optimistic predictions that are super naive.  They sound nice though.

On Google+ Communities:  Google+ now has an equivalent of Facebook Groups, which I am very happy about.  It seems pretty cool, and I like the category feature, which Facebook doesn't have, as far as I can tell.  Here's an example.  I'm not sure if Google will be able to use Communities as a user acquisition tool though, since everything most people need is provided by Facebook Groups (i.e. a soccer team of 11 people probably doesn't need or want categories to put different types of posts into).  Hangouts and Communities would be a nice combination though:  I could imagine this working well for a study group.  I hope to see future commercials for Google+ reflect this.

On the recent Facebook settings layout update:  In which I give credit where credit is due, but that would be boring if that's all I did.

On Finnish law:  Maybe there are exceptions, but regardless, this is not okay.

On Jony Ive and management changes at Apple related to Scott Forstall's firing:  Wishful thinking is fun, but why are people wishing for so little?

On Rap Genius and annotating the entire web:  Super cool!  You know what would also be cool?  The ability to correct typos on websites.  On that note, a friend of mine has his website on GitHub, so you can do just that.  (He would need to publish it to where his site's actually located though.)

UPDATE (December 25, 2012):  It turns out that one of these posts I already linked to from this blog, in this post.  I apologize for the redundancy.